- How do I get my Name at Graduation to show up properly?   
** Ladies, please enter your Maiden name in that field on the Classmates page and the site will show your First and Maiden Name in the Name at Graduation Sort.  Your current last name will still be shown in parenthesis.

- How is my privacy protected?  Can anyone copy my address or phone from the site?   
** None of this information is accessible to be read off the site.  What about my eMail?  **  Only your registered Classmates can view your email.  If someone's is not listed, you can still use the "Send NAME a message" button on their Classmates Profile to contact them.  This will let you send them a message and does require you to provide them your email.  However, you will not get theirs in return unless they send it to you.

 - If my spouse is coming, but not an Alumni do we have to pay Alumni Dues for them?
** No.  Only Alumni need pay dues.  Obviously, it is great if you want to pay for them as funds go for scholarships.  However, it is entirely up to you.