June 12, 2021
1 Month and 24 days left
until our reunion.

Spearman School
5 Year Centennial Reunion
June 12, 2021
(dessert in Cafeteria afterward)


We are holding the SHS reunion on Saturday, 
June 12th to coincide with the Centennial Heritage CelebrationMany of you requested that we match the timing for the Centennial Heritage Celebration, be after school ends in Spearman, and allow you to shop and more in Spearman during the Reunion and this meets all three.  

Meanwhile, we are accelerating detailed planning and will update this site as we do.  We will also send you emails, use the HighPlainsObserver, Statesman-Reporter paper, etc. to keep everyone posted. 

What do I need to do?
Those who have paid dues are still set for that, of course.  However, we blanked out people's previous RSVP responses on attending so EVERYONE NEEDS TO REENTER YOUR RSVP plans.

On the remote chance that someone has forgotten their password, just click on the forgot your username or password link at the bottom of the login page and you can reset it.

A huge thanks to all our volunteers who have and are working so hard to get us ready, our sponsors, and to those of you who have already paid your dues so we can keep our scholarships going uninterrupted by the delay. 

See you then.  Stay safe and God Bless!  


Additional Information for First Time Visitors to the 2021 Reunion Site
First time visitors, please register by first clicking on the Classmates tab on the left.
On the Classmates page, click on the "Sign Up" button in the "Not Yet a Member" box and enter your information.  Ladies, please put your Maiden name in that form box so your "Name at Graduation" shows properly.  Then RSVP, pay your dues, get details for events, view and provide photos, and all the rest. 
RSVP and pay your dues in advance to save $5 and avoid waiting in line at the reunion.  (Dues are used to fund our Student Scholarships so please pay them even if you can't come!)

When you return to the site click on the Login button at top left of pages to get all the updates as our planning proceeds.


Spread the word about the reunion because we don't have everyone's email!

Click on Facebook logo aboveeMail your classmates (put SpearmanHSReunion.org into your message), or eMail  SpearmanHSReunion@gmail.com with name, address, phone, and class year for anyone who needs help signing up and we'll enter their info.

If you have any input, questions or corrections, please email us at SpearmanHSReunion@gmail.com or use the Contact Us tab at left.
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